Bacon and belly rubs. Get on it slacker.

Since escaping the flaming bowels of Hell, Harmony the Demon Dog has been a staunch defender of family pets, bacon, belly rubs, and bacon. He also adores his adoptive mommy, Freeda, the most beautiful wonderful human in the whole living world. Not only is Harmony a master of peeing on his entire yard perimeter, he also scares off constant threats such as joggers, sticks of chalk, cats, shadows, trash men, stray leaves, mail carriers, bicycles, birds, hallucinations, squirrels, wind, small children, and recycle bins. All could be axe murderers. You just don't know. He has no formal education, but is currently researching the best way to dispose of Freeda's dumb dweebhead boyfriend, Carlos, who moved into the house and monopolized all the cuddle time.


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