Why the f#@k not? You're bored, we're bored. You need an escape, we need an escape. It's better than slogging to the fridge and adding pounds to your butt. (unless, of course, you sit here for too long, in which case, we recommend you physically escape) (honestly, get up off your butt once in a while) (run free, run far, run fast) (or walk briskly) (or somersault) (or whatever) But before you go, take in a dose of humor. You need it, we need it. It's here, so consume, darlings, consume. Feed your brain.


Should I follow the advice posted on this site?

Eh, maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. If it accidentally helps you have a personal epiphany, then hot diggity damn. But keep in mind, everything you see here is completely made up and prone to extreme bouts of sarcasm.


Can I submit a real question for advice?

Absolutely. Just don't be surprised if you get totally ignored, virtually hugged, or your question ends up butchered and posted as a fake problem for the entire stratosphere to enjoy. We're cartoon characters. Cartoon characters aren't real. Duh. Still, if you insist on trying, please visit our Contact Us page.


But what if I want to ask you for real advice?

Seriously? Did you miss the aforementioned duh? Criminy, you need to get your head checked.


Can I meet the Fake Life Coaches in person?

Well, let's see... Have I met Scooby? No. Has my mom met Augie Doggie? Nope. Did my cousin Frank have lunch with Cinderella? Almost. He hit her with all his best pickup lines and then security hauled him away. So, uh, yeah. It's not happenin'.


How often will you post probing problems?

As the mood strikes. Probably once a week, maybe twice. Who knows? We might go bananas and throw up four at once. Well, not like barf up four, but post four. Don't be gross.