Who created this trainwreck? And why would they do such a thing?

It depends on the trainwreck. If you're talking about the good one, the fake-life-coach trainwreck, then that would be us. (insert uncoordinated hip-hop dance) The why, however, has everything to do with the other trainwreck, the one that went global, aka Coronavirus. If you wanna know the how, pull up a socially distant chair, my friends, and we'll tell you a tale about a bad wreck that led to a good one. Ready? Nobody ever is. Buckle up anyway...

There once was a business-minded brother (B) who had a writing-minded sister (S). Together, they ran a successful party rental business for well over a decade. BS and their muscle-bound delivery partner were stressed, happy, overworked, and underpaid, as is the self-employed dream. Then the pandemic hit. Practically overnight, parties were out and breathing was in. Not that breathing was ever out. It's always been highly recommended, but you get the idea.

The BS party train left the rails and the railway workers scattered into furlough. Disbelief turned to utter panic, bank accounts dwindled, true heartbreak set in. No matter how hard BS scrambled, they were unable to fix the rails and distribute their fun to the masses. This left them with two choices—wallow and wait, or shift gears and keep moving. Turns out, BS had sports cars in their garages. Shifting gears was what they did best (back when they were able to leave their houses).

So BS put their heads together and dusted off an old idea for a humor website. B flexed his business muscles and S got to writing. They also enlisted the help of a talented artist/cartoonist named Lorenzo, who lives in another hard-hit locale—Italy. The goal was to get the BS brand of fun back out to the masses and produce a new income stream along the way. Because, hey, if you can't make it, fake it...with your cartoon life coach.

And this is where the best trainwreck of all comes into play—you. If you've enjoyed our lack of dance skills, or our Fake Life Coach advice, please sign up for our social media updates and share us with someone who needs a smile. It's free for you and free for them. Web traffic, after all, is the key to our warped-rail success!

Love (or something equally snarky),

BS and Lorenzo